Those were the days of our lives

2006 – 2007

Adrenalize Mark 1: Founding!

left to right: Andy, Thomas, Peter, Alex

The band has its roots in a little rock pub in Kulmbach, the Backstage!

After a few beers the idea of founding a hard rock band which will play all of the good old stuff finally appeares. After a little while the first line up with Julia (vocals), Andy (just guitar), Peter (guitar), Alex (bass) and Thomas (drums) is complete. Julia says goodbye after a few rehearsals and the search for a new singer isn’t successful. They find out that Andy is the only one of them who is able to reach the required high tones. So, finally Andy the singer and guitar player is born.

As a band of four they have a few gigs at a castle, parties and pubs until Peter feels more and more uncomfortable with the band’s music. He and Alex leave the rest of the band behind and Adrenalize dies the first time.

2007 – 2008

Adrenalize Mark 2: The show must go on

Christoph, Andy, Andy, Thorsten, Thomas

Thomas and Andy meet each other again and decide to look for new musicians that are soon be found. Andy on guitar and voice, Thomas on drums, Domi on lead guitar, Christoph on bass guitar (who is still member of the band) and another Andy on rhythm guitar spend a few rehearsal sessions together with songs like ‘Pull me under’ by Dream Theater or ‘Symphony of Destruction’ by Megadeth. Domi leaves the band after a few sessions and Thorsten enters as lead guitar player as well as Stephan as another vocalist. Adrenalize has now six band members and has to start from zero. Ambitious songs are played, for example ‘Seven Seas’ by the Poodles or ‘Edge of Thorns’ by Savatage. The band reaches a new quality level but new social conflicts come up and two members have to leave after just one gig as support for a local cover band. The three guitar player become two and Markus (who is also still member of the band) comes to the band as replacement for Thomas.

2008 – 2009

Adrenalize Mark 3: Cat scratch fever

Thorsten, Stephan, Andy, Markus, Christoph

‘Mark 3’, the next line-up is born in December 2008. The excitement is big, but it is clear that Christoph moves in September 2009. So, they have limited time for rock n’ roll. The ambition is great and the band wants to play one gig at least. Many old rock songs are part of the set. Finally in August 2009, the boys have the chance to play in Highlander again. Andy, Markus, Stephan, Thorsten and Christoph are doing their best and they earn the respect of the audience and the innkeeper. After a good gig, Thorsten announced his sudden break up with the band. Andy, Markus and Stephan begin to look for new musicians.

2009 – 2011

Adrenalize Mark 4: It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna Rock n’ Roll(?)

Andy, Melvin, Stephan, Ann-Kathrin, Markus, David

The period of suffering takes about two years. It can be summed up as the chapter ‘Mark 4’. Various musicians come and go and during that time Ann-Kathrin as new female voice joins the band. Songs by Alannah Myles, Alanis Morrisette, Melissa Etheridge, Die Happy and Roxette find their way to the set as well as some German rock songs by Die Toten Hosen or Die Ärzte. In 2010 the band plays one gig with Thorsten and Christoph as guest musicians. The remaining time the band spends time in the rehearsal room casting new musicians and experimenting with new songs and styles. David as a new bass player and in 2011 Melvin as a guitarist join the band. That line-up plays five songs at the Maisel’s Cover Band Contest in Bayreuth. Of course, the shattered band is not in the shape to win such a contest. After that, Melvin leaves the band and the other five members spend more time with discussions than music. Finally, Ann-Kathrin and Stephan also leave and three of them are left.

2011 – 2012

Adrenalize Mark 5: Back to the roots

Michael, David, Markus, Andy

Depressed and unmotivated the three remaining members of Adrenalize come to the rehearsal room and start to play classics by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Gary Moore. They just make music and somehow the fun comes back. The loud and dirty rock n’ roll eliminates the difficult and depressed atmosphere and new ambition leads to new guitar player castings. Michael arrives and all four of them share the same desire: rock n’ roll. ‘Mark 5’ has been born. In a short period of time many songs find their way to the set and in early 2012 the first gig is played in the youth centre in Kulmbach. Andy is guitarist and the only vocalist again. It is similar to the first line-up. The band plays three more gigs in 2012 and then David has to go because he finished his studies. The band needs a new bass guitar player again. Why is ‘Mark 5’ that important? 1. All of the pop songs and German songs are no longer part of the set list and 2. the last years, the band has always wanted to record some songs in a studio and that line-up has enough energy to do this. One weekend is enough to record three cover songs, which can be heard in our youtube channel. In September 2012, ‘Mark 5’ plays a final concert for David in the rehearsal room in front of friends. It seems to be the end … but it isn’t …

2012 – 2015

Adrenalize Mark 6: I remember you!!!

Christoph, Markus, Andy, Michael

After David is gone, Adrenalize is looking for a new bass player and that is not that easy. Luckily, Andy remembers the predecessor who went to Köln for three years. Three years are over yet and that person is actual back again: Christoph. After a meeting Andy has convinced Christoph to be part of Adrenalize again. ‘Mark 6’ has been born. Only a few months later the first gig as support for a teacher coverband brings another member to the band. The next two years Ute is strengthen the backing vocals of the band. The experiment with another female voice in the band fails and Ute has never been a fitting member among the boys. After a long period and many gigs the band decides to break up with Ute in the course of the first album release. Nevertheless Ute helped the band during the reconstruction and the next step: the writing of own songs. The band wants to combine the cover music gigs with own compositions.

2015 – 2019

Adrenalize – The 1st Album

Album Cover

2015 many gigs and the recording of the first eight songs marks the most successful year in the band history. The album shows the band in their thitherto-best shape. Finally, the band is complete and coordinated, the musical direction is clear and the hunger for more is greater than ever.

The band is overwhelmed by positive reactions from different places all over the world. So, they immediately start to write new songs for the next record.

2019 – Present

Freakshow – The 2nd Album

Stay tuned …

We’ll still be there for you!

Andy, Micha, Christoph, Markus